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Welcome to my Campaign 50/50/50!

I’ve raised 0% of my goal!


Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page! Caring for pastors and their families means a lot to me, and hopefully, to you as well. Because this means so much to me, I stand with Care for Pastors in providing pastors and their families with the “safe place” they need for counseling, encouragement, and resources to thrive in ministry. You can help me meet my goal by becoming a monthly donor of $50 a month!

What is Campaign 50/50/50? Here’s a video that will explain it.

50/50/50 video preview

Take a look at these statistics about pastors and this ministry.

Care for Pastors is a non-profit ministry, meaning they are fully supported by the generous donations of people like you and me. Currently, more than 50% of pastors who come to Care for Pastors for counseling are paid for via scholarship, which is funded by those donations.

Today they need YOUR help to continue to provide pastors and their families with a “safe place” to turn when the challenges of life and ministry come. By supporting Care for Pastors at $50 a month, you’ll provide one pastoral family with the ongoing care and counseling they need to finish well in ministry. Your generous donation will make a profound impact in the lives of pastors, their families, and in the churches and communities they serve. And all for the cause of Christ!

You can give now by clicking the link below OR by calling Care for Pastors at (352) 728-8179.


You can also learn more about Care for Pastors by watching this short video.

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