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Unburdened: It’s Not What You Might Think

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By Michael Todd Wilson “Come . . . all who are . . . burdened. . . . my burden is light.” This is a very different kind of unburdening than we’d initially think and, on brief reflection, different than we might even want. The idea of being unburdened conjures up images of running a full-tilt Olympic sprint without restraints, completely unencumbered. We certainly have this in store for us in heaven, but this isn’t going to be our experience…

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Six Main Traits of Preacher Eater Churches

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By Thom Rainer Preacher eater churches? I had never heard the term until I became a pastor. While I was serving as a pastor at a church, a search committee representative from another church called me. She wanted to know if I would prayerfully consider coming to her church. Immediately after the call, I got on the phone with a friend who served as pastor at another church in the same town. What did he know about the other church…

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How to Respond to Church Conflict

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The most vicious attacks against Jesus came from the religious community. Why should we think it would be any different for us? But it does hurt when people in your own congregation begin to act in unloving, unkind, and even ungodly ways. So, how can I respond to church conflict in a way that honors God and fulfills His purposes? How can I navigate through the treacherous waters of conflict? Recognize the source of the conflict. Ephesians 6:10-20  ” We…

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8 Reasons Why Pastors Should Not Leave Their Church for the Same Reasons Members Do

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By Josh Buice Let’s face it, there are some good and necessary reasons to leave a church.  If the church is preaching heresy (Gal. 1:7-9) or condoning worldliness (1 Cor. 5:9-11) — it might be time to part fellowship.  However, before packing your bags and moving on, you might want to consider some of the really bad reasons people choose to leave their church.  Don’t follow their example. 1. Job Opportunity: More Money One of the most consistent reasons people give…

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Hand up saying "No"

Overcome Ministry Burnout By Learning to Say ‘No’

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By Karl Vaters I can’t do it all. Neither can you. Even though I love saying ‘yes’. Yes to God. Yes to people. Yes to crazy ideas that might turn out to be great ideas in disguise. But I’ve learned that saying ‘yes’ means more when it’s balanced by the proper use of the word ‘no’. In fact, a well-placed ‘no’ may be the most liberating word missing from many leaders’ vocabularies. Not just saying ‘no’ to others. We’re usually…

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