Group of women talking over coffee

An Honest Conversation Among Pastors’ Wives

Posted by | Balance, Expectations, Pastors' Wives, Uncategorized | 8 Comments

The question was recently asked by a pastor’s wife to a group of pastors’ wives, “Am I the only one that doesn’t look forward to Sunday?” I want to share with you some of the answers that were received to this question and I am sure you can relate to many of these, if not all of them. And maybe you can even add some of your own. Some Sundays are better than others… others I’m just going through the…

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Gingerbread man with a sad face

The Holiday Blues

Posted by | Expectations, Loneliness, Pastors' Wives | No Comments

I pray you had a wonderful New Year and you are ready to begin 2017 with renewed spirits and hearts full of joy in serving our Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Are you possibly dealing with “The Holiday Blues?” Many times after we come off from an extremely busy month like December, we feel a little down and maybe blue or depressed. I want to encourage you to begin this New Year out on a different note by…

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Zoom in of married couple holding hands outside

Who is My Husband’s Biggest Cheerleader?

Posted by | Balance, Expectations, Pastors' Wives | 2 Comments

This blog tugged at so many heart strings last year; I decided to use it again this year. Ladies, I want to talk to you about your husbands and the stress of ministry. Who is your husband’s biggest cheerleader in ministry? I’ll tell you who: you are his biggest cheerleader. Or at least you should be, and if you aren’t then shame on you. Your husband can hear from a dozen people what a great job he did with the…

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Valuable silver heart necklace laying on a table

How Much Are You Worth?

Posted by | Expectations, Identity, Pastors' Wives | No Comments

As pastors’ wives, at times we feel like we aren’t worth much because of all the things that are said or implied about us, or just from the stress of ministry. Therefore, it is easy to forget about our worth to God. I recently read one of Tracy McCarthy’s blogs that was such an encouragement to me on this subject and I believe you will enjoy it as well. How much are you worth?  I mean, really, what’s your value? We…

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Rolls of U.S. dollar bills

What Does Your Husband Make?

Posted by | Expectations, Family, Pastors' Wives | One Comment

I trust you are having a great week. I recently read an interesting post on a friend’s Facebook that she wrote about a question she was asked as a pastor’s wife. She has given me permission to share with you and it is so profound. “Oh, your husband’s a pastor? What does he make?” What does he make???? He makes people feel comforted, holding back his own emotions while preaching the funeral of your loved one. He makes decisions and…

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