Woman standing in the dark and staring off to the side

Mid-life Crisis???

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I want to share a blog from one of our pastors’ wives here in The Confidante that I believe will speak to each of you. Does anyone know how old you have to be to have a mid-life crisis? I’m 37, so maybe that’s not what’s going on. Are their other crisises? Is that even a word? Is this a “third of a life crisis” or something? I don’t really know what to call it, but I’m finding myself so…

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Valuable silver heart necklace laying on a table

How Much Are You Worth?

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As pastors’ wives, at times we feel like we aren’t worth much because of all the things that are said or implied about us, or just from the stress of ministry. Therefore, it is easy to forget about our worth to God. I recently read one of Tracy McCarthy’s blogs that was such an encouragement to me on this subject and I believe you will enjoy it as well. How much are you worth?  I mean, really, what’s your value? We…

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Woman sitting on park bench in front of lake

9 Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Won’t Say Out Loud

Posted by | Balance, Identity, Pastors' Wives | 3 Comments

I know there are so many things we as pastors’ wives wish we could say out loud to people, but don’t feel we can. I recently read an article on by Christina Stolaas that I know we can all relate with and I’m sure could add many more to the list. “What if we just asked our pastor’s wife to candidly, honestly, even anonymously share some of their secrets? NOTE: This article originally appeared on the Shattered Magazine site. She’s…

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Tree with golden leaves

The Seasons of Life

Posted by | Identity, Pastors' Wives, Spiritual Walk | One Comment

By Tracy McCarty To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV) We believe these words, right? In fact, as pastors’ wives, you may have even spoken them to someone else to give comfort or encouragement.  Why then do so many of us refuse to think that they apply to us as well? I realize this way of thinking is not exclusive to pastor’s wives, but as we begin a new year, I…

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Couple with arms around each other

The Disgrace of Infertility

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As we are approaching Mother’s Day, I pray you will enjoy your day honoring your Mother whether she is still living or not, and you will enjoy allowing your children to honor you. If you have not been blessed with children, then I would encourage you to allow those spiritual children that God has put in your life to honor you. Mother’s Day used to be very emotional and difficult for me because we do not have children, until I…

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