Spiritual Walk

The end of a shovel stuck in the dirt

Leave it Buried

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Someone recently shared the following blog with me from Ron Hutchcraft and I know we can all relate in some way to this so I wanted to share it with you today and pray it speaks to your heart. “I’ve had to pay my sister-in-law handsomely so I could tell you this story about when she was a little girl. She and her older sister – who you know I married – grew up on a little farm in the…

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Dark and ominous storm clouds

When God Doesn’t Change Your Circumstances

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As we go through this ministry journey together, I am sure you are like me and many times have asked God to change your circumstance. Sometimes when I asked Him to change things He did and other times, He changed my desire. When we get impatient waiting on God and make a decision on our own, we generally mess things up. Today I want to share a blog from Jennifer Rothschild that I believe will speak to each of us….

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Woman sitting with hands folded praying next to her Bible

The Need for Rest – Refreshment – Balance

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Today I have another blog written by one of the wives that attended our Confidante Retreat a few weeks ago. I pray this blog will speak to you in many ways as it has so much packed into it. Right now I am relaxing in a lovely hotel lobby tucked in a corner with soft, daylight filtered through gauze curtains. I am sitting comfortably in a chair with a small orange pillow to support my back and hear the trickle…

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Woman sitting alone on rocks next to a lake

The Secret Ministry of a Pastor’s Wife

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By Jeremy Roberts Within a local church, the lead pastor’s ministry is the most visible to the public. Antithetically, the pastor’s wife’s ministry is the least seen. She may be visible, but her ministry often is not. Growing up as the son of a minister of music, who then became an executive pastor, and now serving as a pastor, I have a unique perspective of the ministry of pastors’ wives. The purpose of this post is not to gripe about…

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Cracked road surrounded by snow

Difficult Circumstances

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Those of us in ministry are used to challenges and sometimes difficult circumstances. I know there have been times in my 39 years of ministry I haven’t always dealt with those difficult circumstances well. Many times we want to take things into our own hands and deal with those circumstances or sometimes difficult people, but we know we can’t do that but instead must allow God to deal with them. Because it is during those times of us stepping in…

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