Marriage is a relationship requiring cultivation!

Purposed effort to build your marriage is required for it to continue to develop, grow into maturity and blossom to its greatest potential.  There are three areas of a marriage where time and energy invested are always helpful: communication and intimacy, and agreement. We have designed two programs to help pastoral couples cultivate their marriage relationship in these key areas. 


romantic_dinnerThe wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, understood the great wisdom in saying repeatedly to his wife, “Come away with me, my love” (Song of Solomon 2:10, 4:16, 8:14). Intentional time away as a couple can increase romance and heighten intimacy in your marriage! Romance can be spontaneous, but most often romance is more successfully achieved through intentional planning and focused implementation. Men and women may perceive and define intimacy differently, however, intimacy for both of them is most frequently connected to improved communication.

Pastor, be wise and say to your spouse, “Come away with me, my love!”

Plan Your Rendezvous 


maritalstrides1The Prophet Amos asked, “How can two walk together unless they agree?” (Amos 3:3) The obvious answer is, they cannot. Agreement between husband and wife is paramount for them to continue to walk together! When a couple takes time to review where they’ve come from, where they are, and come to agreement on where they are going, they are able to make tremendous strides in their relationship and in life. This program provides pastoral couples the opportunity to unplug from the church and power up their marriage.

Pastor and spouse, increase the resilience of your marriage through agreement!

Walk in Stride

"Our rendezvous was romantic, and our communication grew by leaps and bounds. This was a 10+ for us!"

− Pastor Mike and wife Carol, Georgia

"Our marriage was good but we wanted it to be great, so we turned to CfP to help us continue to walk together in greater harmony."

− Pastor Bill and wife Suzy, Florida