Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint. During the marathon of ministry there is tremendous value in taking the time to revisit God’s call on your life to the pastorate. To renew your vigor for ministry, or to dispel the doubts that have arisen along the journey, our Affirmation and Encouragement Program will lead you back to the time and circumstances of your calling, pastor, and reaffirm God’s genuine activity in your life toward ministry. Gain added emotional and spiritual stamina to stay the course of God’s call on your life to ministry; get affirmed!

We all need encouragement as well as affirmation.

The pastoral responsibilities of guarding, nurturing, feeding and leading God’s people can certainly usher pastors into times of challenge, conflict, and even crisis. Pastor, we know you are a source of encouragement and affirmation for members of the church and community, coming alongside people who need support to face their fears, inspiration to overcome, and faith to carry on. Pastor, you need the very same support you so often provide to others!

The Affirmation and Encouragement Program will give you the increased courage, added confidence and renewed hope you need to meet your pastoral obligations and stay energized on the course of ministry and finish well.

Get Encouraged/Get Affirmed