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Do You Pray for Your Pastors?

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By Josh Buice If we’re all honest, prayer is often a very difficult practice to maintain and an easy area to neglect.  If the surveys [PewResearch, Barna] are remotely accurate, prayer is an area of deficiency in the evangelical church today. If parents aren’t praying for their children’s salvation and the spiritual maturity of their household, we can rest assured that pastors are being greatly neglected in prayer as well. You can’t pray for everyone.  In fact, not everyone and every…

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A Lay Elder’s Perspective

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You may or may not have a “plurality of elders” structure in your church, however my prayer is that what I share will be an encouragement and provide some thoughts for you whether your church has established this structure or not. Whatever your structure, I am sure you have a group of like-minded leadership around you that cares for and loves their lead and associate staff pastor(s). For context, I serve as a lay elder in my church. I have…

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