Krissie Garland

An Open Letter From a Pastor’s Kid

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Working with pastors’ kids has been an enlightening experience. I grew up a PK and am still one to this day. When I entered into this ministry position at Care for Pastors, I thought I could relate to all (if not most) PK’s. I have since learned that I relate in many ways, but also can’t comprehend what some may feel and experience. One thing is certain: I learn from every PK I speak to. Each has a voice and…

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Mental Health and the Church

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Mental illness has been a highly controversial topic in the Christian community for quite some time. When I was attending Seminary for my Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling, there was a continuous debate between the school of theology and the school of education about mental health and what we should believe.  When attending, I was often caught in conversations about mental illness and was led to consider by many that mental illness was solely a spiritual issue and that there…

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