Rodetta Cook

The Unexpected

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Life as a pastor’s wife is so hard and especially when we find ourselves in situations that we know we are going to be judged on. I want to share a blog written by a pastor’s wife who has found herself in that tough situation. Last week I was able to minister to a friend whose daughter is pregnant and not married. My advice was pretty simple, “Show grace and unconditional love to Savannah. She needs you now more than…

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Help! I’m Married to My Pastor

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By Patti Johnson People think they know…WE think we know…the life of being married to a pastor…the life of being married to “my” pastor. I am very comfortable with this thought and I try by best to carry it out… “If I don’t see my husband as my pastor as well as my husband, then just WHO is my pastor?” It has been well worth my time to reconcile this and to communicate it to other ministry wives like you…

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God Uses His Creation for His Purposes

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By Christy Kirtlan Life gets so busy as a wife, mom, church leader, daughter, sister, aunt…. that we often forget to slow down and let God. He will use whatever He chooses, you know. When I was a young girl, my brother taught me to fish in a small pond across the street from our house. My parents started camping on weekends along the Muskingham River near Zanesville, Ohio where I spent hours fishing. We spent a lot of hours,…

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Someone Please Pray for Me

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By Patti Johnson I remember the afternoon over 20 years ago like it was just yesterday. Our extended family had gathered at our house for a family dinner. While most of us were in the kitchen catching up and preparing for the meal we would share, the youngest of our three children was in the living room on the couch. We noticed she had been quieter than her usual energy-filled 4-year-old self but had not determined any more than that….

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Trust Me

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I have a question for you today. How hard is it for even a pastor’s wife to trust God? My answer is, “Just as hard as it is for any other Christian.” There are times it is easy to trust and other times when we are going through “stuff” it may be hard to trust. I would like to share a devotional from Jesus Calling that talks about this subject and pray it will be a blessing to you. If…

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