Rodetta Cook

Church pews

Church Life

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We don’t have to be in ministry long until we realize we all get caught up in numbers and the size of our church. This can cause such a distraction that we get off track of what God has called us to do. Many times, pastors and wives feel that if they are serving a small congregation they aren’t as important as the pastor that has a church of hundreds or thousands. I want to encourage you to not get…

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The feet of a couple standing together

Love and Respect

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Last week our blog was on the subject of the pastor’s marriage and how we are seeing two trends in the couples we deal with here at Care for Pastors as follows: The husband treats the wife as a doormat.  The wife doesn’t appreciate her husband. Because of these disturbing trends we are seeing I want to recommend a book for you and your husband and would suggest you get the workbook that goes with it and the two of…

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Wedding rings inside of a Bible

The Pastor’s Marriage

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we should all be in the mood for love. Unfortunately, what we see many times here at Care for Pastors is that many pastors and spouses have lost that “love” and “respect” for their spouse. Many times the church or ministry has taken the place of the spouse and there is anger and resentment built up. I want to share an observation from one of our Administrators in our private Facebook group for pastors’ wives….

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Blooming flower

The Emotionally Healthy Woman

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As we are beginning another New Year, I would like to recommend a book that could change your life and help you do ministry in a much healthier way. The book is by Geri Scazzero The Emotionally Healthy Woman. Here is a description of the book: Geri Scazzero knew there was something desperately wrong with her life. She felt like a single parent raising her four young daughters alone. She finally told her husband, “I quit,” and left the thriving…

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Forest road that goes into fog

The Unexpected

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Here we are three weeks into 2019 and you may still be reflecting on this past year and what God has done in your life or maybe you are reflecting on some of the unexpected things that happened in your life this past year. Whatever the case may be, none of us know what the year ahead holds. So I want to encourage you that when the “unexpected” comes along, accept the situation immediately. If not, it can turn into…

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