Rodetta Cook

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I Feel so Inadequate

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As we are in the midst of the busiest time of the year, do you ever feel inadequate? You may be ready to just throw up your hands and quit. You may be overwhelmed with family, ministry and just life in general. Don’t quit! I want to share a testimony from one of our pastors’ wives here with The Confidante that I know will speak to your heart as it did to mine. Honestly, I have felt inadequate in nearly every…

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Signs of God’s Faithfulness

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Ministry can be tough and especially for pastors’ wives. As we wives make the changes necessary for new assignments, it can leave us feeling very alone and even depressed at times. I would like to share a blog one of our pastors’ wives, and staff member here at Care for Pastors, recently wrote. When we first moved to this church 7 1/2 years ago I was not happy. In fact I was straight up depressed. I prayed and prayed for…

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How to Uproot Bitterness as a Pastor’s Wife

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I recently came across the following blog by Mary Mohler that I felt was an absolute necessity to share. I pray it will speak to your heart. I’ll never forget one woman in my class on the calling to be a ministry wife. I always ask students what excites and concerns them most. Here’s what she said: I am most concerned that I will become like my mother. She is a bitter ministry wife. She and my dad have been…

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Healthy Boundaries

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Do you have healthy boundaries set in your ministry? In your marriage? In your family life? Unfortunately, very few pastors and spouses have healthy boundaries set in any of these areas. If you have been in ministry any length of time you know that if healthy boundaries aren’t set at the beginning of your ministry, it is almost impossible to go back and set them. We deal with hundreds of pastors and/or spouses here at Care for Pastors each year…

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Refreshed. Encouraged. Purposed.

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We had our 2nd Confidante Retreat a few weeks ago and I would like to share one of the wives’ testimonies of the weekend together. Almost two years ago, we left behind every comfort of familiarity, relationships and financial security to accept a call that God had placed on us. It was only a few months into the assignment before I was feeling tired, discouraged and questioning my role as the pastor’s wife. However, last weekend I attended the Confidante…

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