Robert White

Pastors and Empathy Fatigue

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So, what exactly is “empathy fatigue”? It’s what happens to pastors after extended periods of giving themselves to others without taking any time for personal renewal. We can’t keep giving in ministry to others without also taking time to renew our souls. I talk to pastors every week who are exhausted from caring for the needs of others while at the same time neglecting their own needs. These pastors are visiting the sick, counseling the troubled, comforting the those who…

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4 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Your Communication

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“What we have here is a failure to communicate!” You might remember this famous line from the Paul Newman movie, Cool Hand Luke One of the more serious problems we face in pastoral ministry is the breakdown of communication. It can happen in a congregation, a small group, a business meeting, and in staff meetings. Yes, communication breakdowns can even bleed over into family relationships, husbands and wives, parents and children. Here four guaranteed ways to improve your communication with…

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5 Reasons Why God Allows Delays

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While we know God is in control and we know that He has reasons for His delays, it can be challenging to face those delays. It’s not a denial of your request. It’s just a delay. Still, we wait for an answer to prayer. We wait for a spiritual breakthrough in our lives. We wait for a solution to our dilemma. We wait for relief from our pain. It can become discouraging and even overwhelming to our faith. So, why…

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Ten Ways to Pray for Your Pastor’s Wife

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There is little doubt that the role of the pastor’s wife is one of the most difficult positions on the planet. It can be lonely, heart-breaking, confusing, frustrating, and downright discouraging. At Care for Pastors, we understand the unique challenges that are faced by the pastor and his family. Here are some suggestions on how you might pray for your pastor’s wife: Pray for her spiritual protection. There is real spiritual warfare surrounding the pastor and his family. If the…

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Healthy Ministry Doesn’t Just Happen

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The heart of Care for Pastors is to see every pastoral family thriving in ministry. Thriving means that the Pastor and his family are exhibiting healthy spirituality that honors Christ and impacts the kingdom. It is our belief that healthy ministry flows from a healthy marriage. You cannot have a healthy ministry if your marriage is in shambles. This is one of the reasons that the apostle Paul included it in the list of qualities found in the life of…

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