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Church Life

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We don’t have to be in ministry long until we realize we all get caught up in numbers and the size of our church. This can cause such a distraction that we get off track of what God has called us to do. Many times, pastors and wives feel that if they are serving a small congregation they aren’t as important as the pastor that has a church of hundreds or thousands. I want to encourage you to not get…

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Love and Respect

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Last week our blog was on the subject of the pastor’s marriage and how we are seeing two trends in the couples we deal with here at Care for Pastors as follows: The husband treats the wife as a doormat.  The wife doesn’t appreciate her husband. Because of these disturbing trends we are seeing I want to recommend a book for you and your husband and would suggest you get the workbook that goes with it and the two of…

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Six Vital Lessons on Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is something every Christ-follower needs, and every Christ-follower has the power to give. Pastors and their families need to see the healing power of forgiveness released in their lives. Most of the problems we face in our marriages and our ministries could be significantly impacted if we were willing to practice forgiveness. In my counseling of pastoral couples, I often say to husbands and wives, “we need to see ourselves as professional forgivers.” Yes, I have had to forgive…

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The Pastor’s Marriage

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we should all be in the mood for love. Unfortunately, what we see many times here at Care for Pastors is that many pastors and spouses have lost that “love” and “respect” for their spouse. Many times the church or ministry has taken the place of the spouse and there is anger and resentment built up. I want to share an observation from one of our Administrators in our private Facebook group for pastors’ wives….

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Adult holding a baby's hand

Abortion: A Biblical Response

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Prior to the 1960’s, abortion was illegal in all 50 states. The only exception was when the pregnancy endangered the life of the mother. In 1971, New York enacted legislation that permitted abortion for any reason during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. The 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Roe vs. Wade) struck down all existing state laws prohibiting abortion. That decision stated that a woman has control over her body and the life of the unborn child. You might…

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