What Is Required of Me: What God Says (Part 1)

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By Patti Johnson If you Google “What does a pastor’s wife do?” You get 114,000,000 results in 0.65 seconds. Ask “What does it mean to serve in ministry?” You get 327,000,000 results in 0.76 seconds. Do you have that much time to read all of those results? I sure don’t. Especially in this time as we all try to determine how we fit into this “new normal” that is coming upon us, we need an anchor of confidence and surety as we…

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How’s Your House?

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By Jennifer Street At the end of this summer we will pass the 3 year anniversary of the 500 year flood that has forever changed the lives and landscapes of Texas.  I thought it might be helpful to share some thoughts and reflections on recovery. It is my privilege to work with Care for Pastor’s team and I am honored to be able to share these thoughts with you. The day Hurricane Harvey arrived was the second day of my…

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4 Ways to Refresh When Your Soul is Weary

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By Dan Reiland Early in March, the prevailing thought was that we’d all be back in buildings for church services by May. Very few expected the COVID pandemic to go this long. It’s now May, and only a handful of churches have reopened at very limited percentages of their normal seating capacity. Some churches are working on plans for reopening in June, still limiting their seating, and many will not reopen till July or August. One of the major existing…

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It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

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I’m sure I am not the only pastor’s wife that says, “I’m Okay,” when I’m really not okay. We think we have to be okay all the time and can get so caught up in wearing a mask when in reality we need to realize it is okay not to be okay. One of my favorite speakers and authors is Shelia Walsh. In her book It’s Okay Not to Be Okay I found great comfort and freedom in realizing that…

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There Has to Be More

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Do pastors and their families struggle with life issues like those in their congregation? You bet they do. Pastors and their families are human just like everyone else. We as pastors’ wives struggle spiritually just like any other Christian. Let’s take the masks off and be real on this subject, “There has to be more.” Struggling? Seems like you are doing great, only to get knocked down? Do you ever feel depressed and discouraged? Do some situations seem hopeless? Yes,…

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