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When the Church Wounds You

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By Jamie Brown Six weeks ago I began a four-month long sabbatical, for a whole lot of reasons, not the least of which was to have the time and space to heal from a couple decades’ worth of bumps and bruises and scrapes and scars caused by the everyday journeys of life and ministry. The break from weekly worship leading has allowed me to slow down, zoom out, and examine myself and my ministry from 30,000 feet. God has graciously,…

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Dealing with Depression in Ministry

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By Paul David Tripp Sam’s Story I was there the week it happened. His wife asked to see me. Tearfully, she told me that he had walked into the church building that week and announced to his staff that he was “done.” He said he couldn’t face preaching another sermon, that all that he really wanted to do was to run away from his own life. Sam was 45 and the pastor of a vibrant and growing church. I am convinced…

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Six Considerations Before You Fire Your Pastor This Christmas

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By Thom Rainer Am I the Grinch trying to steal Christmas? No way. Bah. Humbug. I simply want to uncover a dark reality of which many church members have little knowledge: many pastors are being fired this Christmas season. I know. I see it every year. I deal with it every year. To be clear, I cannot be certain pastor terminations accelerate at Christmas. Perhaps the numbers seem high since the timing is so insidious. Regardless, these considerations apply regardless…

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Suicide, Depression, and Pastors: One Way Church Members Can Help

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By Thom Rainer The suicide death of a young pastor is being felt throughout the world. Andrew Stoecklein, lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in California, left behind his wife, Kayla, and three young sons. I am the father of three sons. I cannot look at a photo of the young family without getting tears in my eyes. Please Hear Me Well This post is not about suicide prevention. More able persons have written volumes on the topic. It is not about…

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Four (Important) Reasons to Forgive Others

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In pastoral ministry, we are regularly faced with people who want to control us, use us for their personal agendas, manipulate us, or get rid of us. There will also be those who betray us. Sometimes the betrayal is open and public. Sometimes the betrayal is a deafening silence when we are being attacked by others. You can’t serve long in ministry without encountering your personal Judas. How do I handle these spiritual attacks? One of the most difficult steps…

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