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Ten Ingredients for a Successful Marriage

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Anyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you that my wife and I celebrate “Kaye Day” every Friday. We call it “Kaye Day” because it is a day set aside for her. We do what she wants to do, go where she wants to go, talk about what she wants to talk about, and generally celebrate our marriage. We believe that healthy marriages require maintenance. That is, they require regular investments of time and effort…

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Defeating Depression

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Yes, even pastors get depressed from time to time. Sometimes that depression can be debilitating. One out of 20 Americans could be diagnosed with clinical depression, and one out of four is over 50 years of age. Depression is real. It can affect anyone at any time and for any number of reasons. It can be a chemical imbalance, physical changes, hypoglycemic condition, physical problems, viral infections, flu, drug misuse, vitamin/mineral shortage and even fatigue. All of these require the…

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6 Reasons Why Church Leaders Must Go to the Mountain

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By Chuck Lawless Jesus modeled the approach for us. He took three of his disciples up to the mountain to pray, and there God did some magnificent things (Luke 9). Jesus was changed in front of them. Moses and Elijah showed up. The Father spoke from heaven. All of that happened when Jesus took His men to pray. I am not suggesting that such miracles will always occur when we get away to pray, but I do know we won’t…

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Six Disciplines That Promote Your Ministry

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In “Dancing with the Stars” the performers had a mental picture of what they wanted to accomplish. Sports legends often state that they pictured their success before they actually achieved it. Even in pastoral ministry, we can begin to picture the desired outcome of our ministry efforts. But we are not limited to mere mental pictures. We are given the high privilege of taking those hopes and dreams to our heavenly Father in prayer. Prayer gives wings to our hopes…

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Eleven Specific Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

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By Thom Rainer We all need prayer. We all need to pray. Pastors specifically need prayer. The Enemy will do whatever he can to destroy the ministry of your pastors. Will you consider praying for your pastors in these specific areas? Pray for wisdom for your pastor. These leaders are often confronted with incredibly challenging situations and decisions. They need God’s wisdom to continue to be the leader of the church God has called them to be. Pray for your pastor’s…

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