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4 Thoughts for the Busy Pastor

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By Dave Barringer These three words stopped me in my tracks yesterday and broke my heart. While on my way to a highly packed and anticipated schedule, the most unexpected moment happened. When I’m in certain a part of our state, I try to frequent a very unique store. Every item sold has a story and a mission. For example, I’ll buy a bracelets hand-made by women who’ve been rescued from human trafficking and the money goes to help the…

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4 Reminders in Your Depression

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By Aaron Coalson Last December, I went through a deep depression, one of the worst seasons I’ve experienced.  Depression can often settle in my soul for a few days, and then leave as quickly as it came.  This was different. This lasted for weeks and with a weightiness I wasn’t prepared for and it touched every area of my life. The more I’ve explored the condition of depression and the Christian life, I’ve seen it’s a common thread among many…

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When the Church Gets Messy, What Happens to the Pastor’s Marriage?

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By Tatyana Claytor When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I packed up our belongings, quit our jobs and moved across the country to go to seminary. We felt the call of God on our lives and wanted to serve Him in ministry, whether here or overseas. Our hearts were eager with the prospect of seeing God at work. After a year, we were lucky to find an assignment for my husband, Tracy, as a youth pastor….

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Healthy Ministry Doesn’t Just Happen

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The heart of Care for Pastors is to see every pastoral family thriving in ministry. Thriving means that the Pastor and his family are exhibiting healthy spirituality that honors Christ and impacts the kingdom. It is our belief that healthy ministry flows from a healthy marriage. You cannot have a healthy ministry if your marriage is in shambles. This is one of the reasons that the apostle Paul included it in the list of qualities found in the life of…

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The Stewardship of Pain

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When we think about stewardship our mind usually goes to two biblical principles: Stewardship of our financial resources that God entrusts us with and Spiritual gifts, those God-given abilities to serve. I believe there is another level of stewardship that Christ followers are often unaware of and that is the “Stewardship of Pain.” Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every year to aid in the alleviation of pain. Have you ever considered that bodily pain is a gift from God?…

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