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Who among us has been wounded at some time in our life, with a careless word, an action that strikes to the very core of our being? Sometimes wounds come from a verbal attack while at other times it is the non-verbal, the icy stare, the half smile and hand shake that feels like a kiss from Judas himself. We expected to be wounded from those outside the church, but as most of us have experienced, the deepest wounds come…

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Dead or Alive

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Hundreds of churches this year will close their doors a final time, never to open them again. They were once vibrant, living growing churches making a profound difference in the lives of people and the communities they served. But now all the spiritual life has been drained out of them, and they are only an empty shell of what they once were. How does this happen? Why does this happen? What can a church do to prevent this from happening?…

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