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Lies Women Believe

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Why is it that we as humans would rather believe a lie than the truth? Our sinful nature is something we must fight on a daily basis. I recently purchased a book and study guide that I believe every Christian woman should have on her shelf especially we as pastors’ wives: Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Here is a description of what you will find in this book: The truth may not change your circumstances, but it will…

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Looking Out from the Fishbowl

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The expectations put on pastors’ wives are many times very unrealistic, yet we still live under those expectations trying to please people, when in reality we need to be okay with speaking up for ourselves. I want to share a blog with you today written by one of our pastor’s wives here at CfP that I believe will bless you. No one likes to be watched with the expectations that they are being unfairly judged. Such is the case of…

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Do I Have a Purpose?

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There are times in ministry that we as pastors’ wives start asking ourselves, “What is my purpose?” We can get lost in all the “stuff” of life and ministry and lose our focus of our purpose. Today one of our Confidante Team members who is a pastor’s wife writes about this subject and I know it will be a blessing to you. Do you have a purpose? Do you have focus in your life or just react as life happens…

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Dear Churchgoer, Will You Support Your Pastor?

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By Cheryl October is pastor appreciation month. I am a pastor’s wife. I grew up in church. I came to hear the sermon, which sometimes I loved, sometimes I criticized and sometimes I daydreamed through. I came selfishly to hear what I needed to hear to carry me through the week. I actually never once gave a thought about what the person delivering the sermon had faced that week, that month or that year. Until I married a pastor. I…

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The Loneliness of a Pastor’s Wife

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I believe one of the hardest titles anyone can have is that of a pastor’s wife. We are in a category all of our own for sure. The stress and loneliness can only be understood from another pastor’s wife. Many times we just suffer in silence. One of our pastors’ wives recently wrote a short blog that many of you could have written yourself, but I wanted to share it with you in hopes you would feel comfortable sharing it…

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