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A Candid Response to the New Pastors’ Spouse Survey

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I recently came across an article by Mark Dance on Church Leaders on a research study to pastors’ spouses that I would like to share with you today. I know each pastor’s wife reading this can relate. When the new LifeWay Research study on pastors’ spouses came out last fall, I asked my wife Janet for feedback on the results since she has been a pastor’s wife for 30 years, and a pastor’s daughter her whole life. Janet also speaks to approximately 1,500…

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The Typical Pastor’s Wife Is Dead

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As pastors’ wives, I believe we have all at some time in our ministry lives thought we should be “the typical pastor’s wife.” But to be totally honest with you, I never wanted to fit into that mold because I didn’t want to be a stick in the mud. LOL! Besides, the perfect or typical pastor’s wife is an urban legend. I recently ran across a blog by Lori Wilhite on that addresses this subject that I believe will…

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Kiss of Betrayal

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I would like to share a blog from Just Between Us by Shelly Esser on a subject that I believe all of us can relate to either on a personal level or we know of a pastoral family that has experience the betrayal. Unfortunately we don’t have to be in ministry long until we experience this very painful thing called “betrayal.” Whether it be from a church member or a staff member, it is a deep pain that we must…

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The Gift of Hospitality

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Today I would like to share a blog written by a fellow pastor’s wife on the topic of Hospitality. She addresses this with her 32 years of experience and in a very informative and gracious way. I pray it will be a blessing to you. I have been a PW for nearly 32 years and have learned some things that I wish I had known early. I don’t pretend to be an expert on ANYTHING. However, I hope I can…

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While We Wait

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I recently had the opportunity to come alongside a pastor’s wife whose world had turned upside down and so unjustly. Her husband was a Worship/Youth Pastor and found out before Christmas that his position was being eliminated without any warning. The hurt and pain they experienced from the staff was almost unbearable. She recently poured her heart out on paper in a blog but because of the sensitive situation she did not want to publish it where those that caused…

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