Pastors’ Wives

Leading During a Pandemic

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I am a Pastor’s wife and an Admin for a Facebook page called The Confidante, a ministry of Care for Pastors. It has over 2,000 Pastors’ wives from all over the country and world. I am seeing firsthand how the ministry family is being affected by the COVID-19 and how they’re struggling to stay connected with their congregation and be there for everyone during this crisis, along with maintaining good family relationships at home. Here are some of the things…

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Love My People

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I want to share a blog from a pastor’s wife that I believe everyone reading it can relate. If you’re in a church you don’t love, hang in there. Pray like crazy, then pray some more. Ask God to change your heart. Ask God to give you eyes to see what HE sees. Years ago, at our second church, I was miserable. I felt like I had been picked up and moved to a foreign country against my will. I…

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Stop Holding On

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We as Christians are all guilty of holding onto things in our lives. Whether it be unforgiveness, bitterness, a sin, or just wanting to control things. We must make a daily decision to “Let go and let God.” Is that easier said than done? Yes! We must die to ourselves and allow God to be in control of our lives. Since I’m writing this to pastors’ wives, this doesn’t pertain to us does it? Of course it does, we are…

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Worry or Trust

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As a pastor’s wife, do you spend more time worrying or trusting? Many times in our ministry life things can certainly seem out of control, which may cause us to have the tendency to worry. My devotion was on this topic recently and I would like to share it with you. I am leading you, step by step, through your life. Hold My hand in trusting dependence, letting Me guide you through this day. Your future looks uncertain and feels…

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Well Intentioned Dragons

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By Patti Johnson I learned a very interesting perspective about circumstances and people’s intentions while working for a large retail company. I learned that sometimes unfortunate things happen by the hands of people, but they are not always intentional. While taking part in training by some of the company merchandise buyers, I learned that while we in the stores are waiting with anticipation for new products, restocking of popular products or long-awaited arrivals of products that were pulled from shelves…

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