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Learn to Laugh

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Are you taking yourself and life too seriously? Sometimes we tend to think we as pastors’ wives have to have all the answers or can’t laugh at ourselves. But we can’t have all the answers and there are times we need to laugh at ourselves. My devotion recently spoke to this subject and blessed me, and I pray it will bless you as well. Learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously. Relax…

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Church pews

Church Life

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We don’t have to be in ministry long until we realize we all get caught up in numbers and the size of our church. This can cause such a distraction that we get off track of what God has called us to do. Many times, pastors and wives feel that if they are serving a small congregation they aren’t as important as the pastor that has a church of hundreds or thousands. I want to encourage you to not get…

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Love and Respect

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Last week our blog was on the subject of the pastor’s marriage and how we are seeing two trends in the couples we deal with here at Care for Pastors as follows: The husband treats the wife as a doormat.  The wife doesn’t appreciate her husband. Because of these disturbing trends we are seeing I want to recommend a book for you and your husband and would suggest you get the workbook that goes with it and the two of…

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Don’t Judge a Person by Their Outward Appearance

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I want to share a blog from one of our pastors’ wives here at Care for Pastors on a topic that we as women know all too well. We are all guilty of judging people as soon as they walk in the room before we ever meet them. Am I the only guilty? I don’t think so. I know God has worked on me in that area over the years, but there are times I go back to that human…

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Does Anyone Notice?

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As we come to the close of 2018, I pray it has been a great year for you. So hard to believe we are beginning another new year. We had our 2nd annual Confidante Retreat the end of September and I asked a few ladies to share what the Retreat meant to them and today I would like to continue sharing those testimonies. Around this time last year I was at church and one of the sweet ladies (seriously she…

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