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Healthy Boundaries

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Do you have healthy boundaries set in your ministry? In your marriage? In your family life? Unfortunately, very few pastors and spouses have healthy boundaries set in any of these areas. If you have been in ministry any length of time you know that if healthy boundaries aren’t set at the beginning of your ministry, it is almost impossible to go back and set them. We deal with hundreds of pastors and/or spouses here at Care for Pastors each year…

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Did I Really Sign up for This?

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We recently had our 2nd Confidante Retreat for pastors’ wives and our theme was “Did I Really Sign up for This?” Balancing Marriage and Ministry. We had a wonderful time together and look forward to doing it again. I would like to share one of the wives testimony about the weekend. The 2018 Confidante Retreat at the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando is now just a pleasing and satisfying memory.  Knowing that The Confidante is there to support and encourage women…

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The Most Vulnerable Person in the Church

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As pastors’ wives we know how vulnerable our position makes us and how we have to take things in stride. A pastor’s wife recently shared a Facebook post with me from another pastor’s wife and I believe it is worth sharing. I know as you read it, you can totally relate. “No one in the church family is more vulnerable than the pastor’s wife. She is the key figure in the life of the pastor and plays the biggest role…

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Why Does Paul Say Husbands Should Love Their Wives?

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I recently read the following article entitled, “Why Does Paul Say Husbands Should Love Their Wives?” We deal with many pastoral couples where the husband has fallen short in this area because of being married to the church. I hope this will be something you can share with your husband and he will allow the scripture and truth to fill his heart, whether he struggles in this area or not. May it be a great reminder of Christ’s instructions for…

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9 Reasons Pastors’ Kids Stray

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As we continue our theme on PK’s this month, I would like to share an article by Chuck Lawless at Church Leaders on “9 Reasons Pastor’s Kids Stray.” Over my 20 years of teaching, I’ve talked with a lot of “PKs” who struggled at some point in their Christian walk. When I’ve asked them why they think they struggled, here are some of the reasons they’ve told me: They’re weren’t (and aren’t) perfect. Everybody knows that truth, but some church folks…

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