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What If?

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I am sure we all have a list of “what if’s” that we have asked through the years just as wives but especially as a pastor’s wife. What if my husband get fired? What if the people don’t like me? And on and on we go with our list of “what if’s.” I love the honesty and transparency of my friend, Christy. Enjoy as she shares her heart. I have had thousands, maybe millions of what if’s. Some like: What…

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First Counseling Session

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If you have missed reading the past three weeks of email/blogs, I would encourage you to go back and read Eric’s Story. We have dedicated four weeks to this story because we feel it is so important to share. Eric’s wife, Krissie, has been very bold and brave to share his story and we needed to share it as well. Today Krissie shares about her first counseling appointment 14 days after Eric’s tragic death. Today I met with my counselor….

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Principles of Spiritual Growth book

Just Things

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As we continue the journey of Eric’s Story, today Krissie shares with us about her husband’s motto, “It’s just things.” I began sorting through my husband’s things today. I can honestly say that every day is hard. One day doesn’t trump the other. Every day has its extremely difficult moments mixed in with the beautiful moments of laughter as we remember him. As I was sorting through his belongings I began making piles: what would he want me to keep…

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The Little Things

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As I shared with you last week, these next few weeks will be dedicated to Eric’s Story and today I want to share Krissie’s blog ten days after Eric took his life. It’s the little things. Like a text in the morning, a friend stopping by, a hug from a stranger who knew my husband, or a simple “praying for you.” I couldn’t seem to get myself to church today. I did get out of bed though because Joah has…

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Garland Family

Eric’s Story

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I want to dedicate the next four weeks to a subject that is becoming more and more prevalent in ministry circles and that is depression. Yes, even pastors and spouses deal with depression. We were recently made aware of a young 31 year old pastor who was dealing with depression and hopelessness who took his own life, and his wife is now speaking out and sharing his story. I have sat down many times at this exact computer to write…

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