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You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes

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Have you ever asked the question “Where’s the manual for this job of being a pastor’s wife”? I dare say we have all asked that question at some point in our ministry life. I would like to recommend a book to you that I believe every pastor’s wife will enjoy and glean something from. The book is You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes by Lisa McKay. Below is the synopsis from the back of the book. When most women think…

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Reasons People Leave Church

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I thought today I would give you maybe a little chuckle for the week. Several months ago I asked the question in our private Confidante FB Group, “What are some of the reasons people have given for leaving your church?” I shouldn’t be shocked but some of the responses caused me to shake my head. Here are some of those responses: Because a deacon’s child won a lot of Awana awards when she had gone through two entire books and…

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Why Avoiding Suffering is Killing Us

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By Tatyana Claytor “There is a Buddhist saying that goes “Expectation is the root of all suffering.” The idea is that suffering occurs when what is expected does not come to be. For example, if I found out that I won the lottery but then found out later I was ineligible, I would be very upset even though, in all reality, my situation had not changed. It is the expectation that would cause the strife. This saying has some truth…

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An Honest Conversation Among Pastors’ Wives

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The question was recently asked by a pastor’s wife to a group of pastors’ wives, “Am I the only one that doesn’t look forward to Sunday?” I want to share with you some of the answers that were received to this question and I am sure you can relate to many of these, if not all of them. And maybe you can even add some of your own. Some Sundays are better than others… others I’m just going through the…

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The Holiday Blues

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I pray you had a wonderful New Year and you are ready to begin 2017 with renewed spirits and hearts full of joy in serving our Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Are you possibly dealing with “The Holiday Blues?” Many times after we come off from an extremely busy month like December, we feel a little down and maybe blue or depressed. I want to encourage you to begin this New Year out on a different note by…

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