Love and Respect

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During the month of February we all think about “love” and some of us have a wonderful loving husband and some may have a husband that is allowing ministry to rob him of his love for his wife. And many times the church has become the other woman. We as pastors’ wives and our husbands think that we must put on this mask that everything is just fine in our marriage because after all, what would the church think if…

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Stop Wishing You Could Rush Through the Season You’re In

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I would like to share a blog with you today written by a friend who is a pastor’s wife, and she has a lot of wisdom to share with us. Her blogs can be found on I recently did a ladies Bible study at my church called, “Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks.” It is the new revised version of a study Priscilla Shirer created years ago. I did the original version when it…

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Your Pastor Needs Your Help

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I want to share a blog written by a pastor’s wife who has lived this story. I know many of you could have written it as well, but I pray it will be an encouragement to you and that you can share it with some of your church members to help them see how they should treat their pastor. He was a struggling pastor, discouraged and financially strapped. He spent most of his days in the Word of God, studying…

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What Is Required of Me: What God Says (Part 2)

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By Patti Johnson I shared part one of this blog with you last week and would like to finish the thoughts this week. Once you know what God requires of us to live the life obedient to His instruction, what does it look like as we attempt to carry it out? When I need to know how to do something like this, I have a habit of going to someone that has walked life in the shoes I now wear…

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An Open Letter From a Pastor’s Kid

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Working with pastors’ kids has been an enlightening experience. I grew up a PK and am still one to this day. When I entered into this ministry position at Care for Pastors, I thought I could relate to all (if not most) PK’s. I have since learned that I relate in many ways, but also can’t comprehend what some may feel and experience. One thing is certain: I learn from every PK I speak to. Each has a voice and…

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