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The Missing Piece

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I had shared some blogs from a pastor’s wife sharing her husband’s struggle with depression and the heartbreaking end of him taking his life. I know those blogs were a blessing to many and now I want to share another one from her on “The Missing Piece.” My husband Eric had a tattoo that covered most of his right forearm. It said זמן לחפש את הלורד which means “Time to seek the Lord” in Hebrew. The tattoo was an intricate…

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Will This Marriage Last?

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Being 18 and in love seems so young, and it was! But at 18 and 10 months of age, I married my best friend who was only 21 years of age at the time. Many said this marriage would never last, but here we are almost 42 years later and we are not only still happily married, but have enjoyed serving in ministry together our entire marriage. I surrendered to full-time ministry when I was 14 years of age while…

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Ten Ways to Pray for Your Pastor’s Wife

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There is little doubt that the role of the pastor’s wife is one of the most difficult positions on the planet. It can be lonely, heart-breaking, confusing, frustrating, and downright discouraging. At Care for Pastors, we understand the unique challenges that are faced by the pastor and his family. Here are some suggestions on how you might pray for your pastor’s wife: Pray for her spiritual protection. There is real spiritual warfare surrounding the pastor and his family. If the…

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Generational Differences

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In ministry we have to deal with multi-generations and sometimes that is not easy. If we are dealing with a generation older or younger than ourselves, it can come with its challenges. But every generation has a need for relationships and we must remember that. A pastor’s wife friend of mine recently wrote a blog dealing with this and I would like to share it with you today. I spend time talking with people of all ages, and lately have…

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Whispers in the Waiting

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Mother’s Day is coming up and while it is a joyful time for most, it can be a painful time for others. I would like to share a blog with you today from a pastor’s wife that I believe will be a blessing to you. Another negative pregnancy test. After two and a half years of hoping and praying for a precious baby, I have lost count of how many tests I have taken. Sometimes I irrationally wonder to myself…

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