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The Little Things

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As I shared with you last week, these next few weeks will be dedicated to Eric’s Story and today I want to share Krissie’s blog ten days after Eric took his life. It’s the little things. Like a text in the morning, a friend stopping by, a hug from a stranger who knew my husband, or a simple “praying for you.” I couldn’t seem to get myself to church today. I did get out of bed though because Joah has…

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Garland Family

Eric’s Story

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I want to dedicate the next four weeks to a subject that is becoming more and more prevalent in ministry circles and that is depression. Yes, even pastors and spouses deal with depression. We were recently made aware of a young 31 year old pastor who was dealing with depression and hopelessness who took his own life, and his wife is now speaking out and sharing his story. I have sat down many times at this exact computer to write…

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When Life Throws a Curve Ball

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The unrealistic expectations for a pastoral family are overwhelming at times and there are times we put those unrealistic expectations on ourselves and our family. I want to share a blog one of our staff members (a pastor’s wife) recently wrote about a “curveball” that was thrown in their world. What do we do when life does not go as we had planned? When hopes and dreams are crushed? When life throws you a curve ball? I am sitting here…

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Love and Respect

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Last week our blog was on the subject of the pastor’s marriage and how we are seeing two trends in the couples we deal with here at Care for Pastors as follows: The husband treats the wife as a doormat.  The wife doesn’t appreciate her husband. Because of these disturbing trends we are seeing I want to recommend a book for you and your husband and would suggest you get the workbook that goes with it and the two of…

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Healthy Boundaries

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Do you have healthy boundaries set in your ministry? In your marriage? In your family life? Unfortunately, very few pastors and spouses have healthy boundaries set in any of these areas. If you have been in ministry any length of time you know that if healthy boundaries aren’t set at the beginning of your ministry, it is almost impossible to go back and set them. We deal with hundreds of pastors and/or spouses here at Care for Pastors each year…

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