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A Story of Forgiveness

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I want to share a blog with you today by Cristina Emigh ( I pray her testimony will bless you and help you realize the freedom of living in God’s grace and forgiveness. I met him when I was a naive 16-year-old, my first love.  He was popular, cute and drove a nice truck and our relationship moved fast, so fast in fact that a few months into it – I knew that my body wasn’t right and found out I…

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Who Am I?

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As we begin a new month, I want to talk about a subject that I think we all struggle with as pastors’ wives and that is our identity. Who am I? Where do I belong in ministry? Am I called to ministry too? How do I not live in my husband’s shadow? How do I learn to say “No?” These are all questions we have asked ourselves at one point in our ministry journey. I personally feel that as a…

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Learning How to Say “No” and Be Okay With It

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I would like to share a blog with you today from Patti Johnson, a local pastor’s wife, on the hard subject of learning to say, “No!” We are so often put in the position to give an answer to the question, “Will you do …?” Often we say, “Yes” and then everything in us is screaming that we should have said, “No.” So how do we maneuver this minefield? Here are 5 practical practices that may help. I discovered them…

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Joy in His Presence

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As we are coming to the close of another year, I am sure 2017 was a great year for some and maybe a rough year for others. No matter what the case may be, remember there is Joy in His presence. I would like to share my devotion from a few weeks back that speaks to this. No matter what your circumstances may be, you can find Joy in My Presence. On some days Joy is generously strewn along your…

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The Fish in the Bowl

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I am sure you can guess what our subject is about today, “The Fish in the Bowl,” speaking of where we all live as pastors’ wives. Patti Johnson has a really great blog on this subject to share with us today. Enjoy! One day a co-worker asked those of us in the office to look after her fish while she was away on vacation. We agreed that would be something we could do for her. She arrived at the office…

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