Inside the Secret Thoughts of Your Pastor’s Wife

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I know you are probably like me, and you would like to tell your church member so many things but we can’t because we are the pastor’s wife. I believe this blog written by Katie Orr will be a blessing to you. I’ve been a pastor’s wife now for over a decade. It is a beautiful privilege and heavy responsibility. It is a role that comes with many joys and sorrows, benefits and sacrifices, unexpected gifts and unstated expectations from…

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But God

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Our God is such an awesome God! I want to share a testimony with you today from a pastor’s wife that I know will bless you and be a reminder of how awesome He is. Being in vocational ministry is a position like none other….and it’s not easy. Those of you that have been in ministry for longer than 2 seconds know that to be true. My husband and I are walking into our third year in full-time ministry this…

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Recovering My Identity

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As pastors’ wives, we don’t have to be in our unique role very long before we realize it is a tough role. Many times, we lose who we are and struggle with our own identity. I have asked a pastor’s wife friend of mine to share her journey with you today how she recovered her identity. When I was asked to contribute to this blog, I was both honored, and anxious. Then I found out that my topic was to…

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The Raw Lament of a PK

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Every pastoral family has stress and life issues like any other family. However, ministry puts a whole different level of stress on the family as a whole. We recently helped a PK (pastor’s kid) through a difficult time and as she was healing, she wrote a “raw lament” in a small group she was attending and has given us permission to share it. Church growing up for me was never really about my spiritual life, it was always about my…

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What Does My Ministry Look Like?

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Do you ever find yourself asking the question, “What does my ministry look like?” Do you ever feel like you are a shadow in your husband’s ministry? Or do you ever feel you are not important or always overlooked? Do you feel you are always trying to please people? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you are not alone. We as pastors’ wives have a hard job. We can become so frustrated with all the…

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