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The Pastor’s Marriage

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we should all be in the mood for love. Unfortunately, what we see many times here at Care for Pastors is that many pastors and spouses have lost that “love” and “respect” for their spouse. Many times the church or ministry has taken the place of the spouse and there is anger and resentment built up. I want to share an observation from one of our Administrators in our private Facebook group for pastors’ wives….

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Does Anyone Notice?

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As we come to the close of 2018, I pray it has been a great year for you. So hard to believe we are beginning another new year. We had our 2nd annual Confidante Retreat the end of September and I asked a few ladies to share what the Retreat meant to them and today I would like to continue sharing those testimonies. Around this time last year I was at church and one of the sweet ladies (seriously she…

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This Is Too Hard!

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How many times do we as pastors’ wives want to quit on Mondays? And many times our husbands do as well; I’m just thankful God doesn’t allow us to both be there on the same Monday! I recently had a pastor’s wife share her very candid blog on being a pastor’s wife and how hard it is. I know many of you could write this as well, but I pray what she shares will tug at your heart and remind…

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I Feel so Inadequate

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As we are in the midst of the busiest time of the year, do you ever feel inadequate? You may be ready to just throw up your hands and quit. You may be overwhelmed with family, ministry and just life in general. Don’t quit! I want to share a testimony from one of our pastors’ wives here with The Confidante that I know will speak to your heart as it did to mine. Honestly, I have felt inadequate in nearly every…

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Refreshed. Encouraged. Purposed.

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We had our 2nd Confidante Retreat a few weeks ago and I would like to share one of the wives’ testimonies of the weekend together. Almost two years ago, we left behind every comfort of familiarity, relationships and financial security to accept a call that God had placed on us. It was only a few months into the assignment before I was feeling tired, discouraged and questioning my role as the pastor’s wife. However, last weekend I attended the Confidante…

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