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Reasons People Leave Church

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I thought today I would give you maybe a little chuckle for the week. Several months ago I asked the question in our private Confidante FB Group, “What are some of the reasons people have given for leaving your church?” I shouldn’t be shocked but some of the responses caused me to shake my head. Here are some of those responses: Because a deacon’s child won a lot of Awana awards when she had gone through two entire books and…

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The Secret Ministry of a Pastor’s Wife

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By Jeremy Roberts Within a local church, the lead pastor’s ministry is the most visible to the public. Antithetically, the pastor’s wife’s ministry is the least seen. She may be visible, but her ministry often is not. Growing up as the son of a minister of music, who then became an executive pastor, and now serving as a pastor, I have a unique perspective of the ministry of pastors’ wives. The purpose of this post is not to gripe about…

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Our Problems Do Not Define Us

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I pray you had an awesome weekend and God did some amazing things at your church this past weekend. I read a short devotional from Holly Gerth a few months ago that I thought was worth sharing and I pray it speaks to your heart: “Whatever you’re facing today, it’s not your identity. Don’t let the enemy tell you otherwise. You may be in a place of depression. But that is not who you are. You are a beloved daughter….

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How to Hear God’s Voice Through Scripture

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If you are like every other pastor’s wife, you know how hard it can be at times to have a specific time set aside for your “Quiet Time.” There always seems to be something else getting in the way. I want to share a blog from Jennifer Rothschild that talks about, “How to hear God’s voice through Scripture” and that is just one verse a day. I pray this blog will speak to your heart as it did to mine….

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Mid-life Crisis???

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I want to share a blog from one of our pastors’ wives here in The Confidante that I believe will speak to each of you. Does anyone know how old you have to be to have a mid-life crisis? I’m 37, so maybe that’s not what’s going on. Are their other crisises? Is that even a word? Is this a “third of a life crisis” or something? I don’t really know what to call it, but I’m finding myself so…

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