Someone Please Pray for Me

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By Patti Johnson I remember the afternoon over 20 years ago like it was just yesterday. Our extended family had gathered at our house for a family dinner. While most of us were in the kitchen catching up and preparing for the meal we would share, the youngest of our three children was in the living room on the couch. We noticed she had been quieter than her usual energy-filled 4-year-old self but had not determined any more than that….

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A Safe Place

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I would like to share a blog today written by a pastor’s wife that I believe will bless you and give you hope. We recently went through a family crisis. It’s the kind of crisis you don’t want everyone (or really anyone) to know about, but especially your church, if your husband is the pastor there. As bad as I wanted to contact some people in our church and share my heavy burden with them, I couldn’t. There was just…

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The Hurts and Struggles of a Pastor’s Wife

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I want to share a blog written by one of our pastors’ wives here at CfP and pray it will bless you. I know a pastor’s wife who went “all in.” She told God, “No matter what you ask me to do, I’ll do it. No matter where you ask me to go, I’ll go.” Her joyful, willing obedience was tested, and she did not pass the test. Guilt and regret set in and her prayers changed. She changed. She…

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Being Okay With Saying “No”

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By Patti Johnson We are so often put in the position to give an answer to the question “Will you do …?” Often we say “Yes” and then everything in us is screaming that we should have said “No.” So how do we maneuver this minefield? Here are 5 practical practices that may help. I discovered them while nurturing my retail career steeped in customer service as well as in ministry, both as a lay leader and as the wife…

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Silence is Golden

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By Christy “Silence is golden.” Well, not always. I am thinking of an older lady in our church. She was in her 90’s when we came here and just a couple months away from 100 when God called her home. Quiet, to herself, hardly no eye contact, Ms. Pauline. It makes me sad that I knew this lady better in the 4 or 5 years I was around her than people who knew her for 70-80 plus years. It saddens…

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