The Prepared Meal and No One Shows

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Ministry is tough on the best of days! But this year has been extremely tough on pastors and their families. Recently a friend of mine, who is a pastor’s wife, wrote a blog about how hard it is on pastors when they prepare all week for Sunday and only a few show up. She did an awesome job in writing her story. There was once a lady that lived on a farm and was very poor. She had little to…

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Worry or Trust

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As a pastor’s wife, do you spend more time worrying or trusting? Many times in our ministry life things can certainly seem out of control, which may cause us to have the tendency to worry. My devotion was on this topic recently and I would like to share it with you. I am leading you, step by step, through your life. Hold My hand in trusting dependence, letting Me guide you through this day. Your future looks uncertain and feels…

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The Broken Parts Reveal the Beauty Inside

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I have asked a friend of mine, Joy, who is a pastor’s wife if I could share one of her blogs that I believe will be a tremendous blessing to you. It has been one year since the shock and pain rocked us. 2019 was painful. One year later my husband and I walked on a beautiful beach in Sarasota. We reflected on the hurt, the challenges of the year, and also we marveled at the way the Lord ordained…

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Inside the Secret Thoughts of Your Pastor’s Wife

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I know you are probably like me, and you would like to tell your church member so many things but we can’t because we are the pastor’s wife. I believe this blog written by Katie Orr will be a blessing to you. I’ve been a pastor’s wife now for over a decade. It is a beautiful privilege and heavy responsibility. It is a role that comes with many joys and sorrows, benefits and sacrifices, unexpected gifts and unstated expectations from…

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Embracing Solitude: In His Sight (Part 2)

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Today Patti will be sharing part two on Embracing Solitude. In speaking with a ministry wife who had been recently widowed after decades of marriage and fruitful ministry with her husband, she revealed a very thoughtful perspective in just a few words. “I am learning to embrace the solitude.” In explaining further, she told me that she thoroughly enjoyed the big, busy, full and exciting life that she had shared with her husband and she had a lifetime of memories,…

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