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A Story of Forgiveness

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I want to share a blog with you today by Cristina Emigh ( I pray her testimony will bless you and help you realize the freedom of living in God’s grace and forgiveness. I met him when I was a naive 16-year-old, my first love.  He was popular, cute and drove a nice truck and our relationship moved fast, so fast in fact that a few months into it – I knew that my body wasn’t right and found out I…

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Frustration to Fascination

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Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated? How often do we get frustrated with situations, our spouses or even with church people? Life can be full of frustrations, but if we will look at those things as “God Moments” of where he is trying to stretch us and teach us something, then the frustration can become fascination. I would like to share another blog from Patti Johnson on this subject. Sometimes there comes along a seemingly insignificant experience that produces…

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Sacred Privilege

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I have looked for many years for a book written by a pastor’s wife and I finally found one that I highly recommend as a tremendous resource from the heart of a pastor’s wife. It doesn’t matter if our church is a church of 50 or thousands, we all deal with the same issues as pastors’ wives. It can be a very lonely life and frustrating at times, but it is encouraging to know we aren’t alone and in this…

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Times of Transition

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Today, I would like to share a blog from Patti Johnson on the topic, “Times of Transition.” We all go through transitions in life whether it be in ministry or in our family life. Sometimes we don’t do a good job of dealing with them because we allow fear or loneliness to creep in. I pray her blog will speak to your heart. About a decade ago, I had a wise mentor come to me and share this observation she…

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12 Things to Thank God for in the Midst of Affliction

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I would like to share a blog from Mark Altrogge on a subject that we all deal with and that is “Affliction.” One of the most important things we must do when we suffer is to give thanks. I don’t say this lightly and I know many believers who have endured unimaginable pain and tragedy.  Giving thanks in the midst of agony and affliction is certainly not easy to do.  Yet Ephesians 5:20 tells us we should give thanks “always and for…

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