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How to Support Your Spouse Experiencing Anxiety

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Our role as a pastor’s wife can have many challenges. One of those challenges can be dealing with anxiety, whether it is ourselves or our spouse. I would like to share a blog with you today by Kandi Gallaty that is a great resource to help us know how to support a spouse dealing with anxiety. I will never forget that night at the mall. My husband, Robby, and I had just finished dinner and were headed shopping to look…

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The Broken Parts Reveal the Beauty Inside

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I have asked a friend of mine, Joy, who is a pastor’s wife if I could share one of her blogs that I believe will be a tremendous blessing to you. It has been one year since the shock and pain rocked us. 2019 was painful. One year later my husband and I walked on a beautiful beach in Sarasota. We reflected on the hurt, the challenges of the year, and also we marveled at the way the Lord ordained…

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Stop Trying to Figure God Out

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We as pastors’ wives are just as human as the next woman walking in the door. We don’t have all the answers and we doubt and question just like any other woman. I pray what Christy, a pastor’s wife, shares today will bless you and cause you to stop and reevaluate. I do not know why God does what He does or why He allows things to happen the way they do. All I know is He is in control….

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Inside the Secret Thoughts of Your Pastor’s Wife

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I know you are probably like me, and you would like to tell your church member so many things but we can’t because we are the pastor’s wife. I believe this blog written by Katie Orr will be a blessing to you. I’ve been a pastor’s wife now for over a decade. It is a beautiful privilege and heavy responsibility. It is a role that comes with many joys and sorrows, benefits and sacrifices, unexpected gifts and unstated expectations from…

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Facing Anxiety in a Fear Based Society

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By Krissie Garland I received a phone call the other day… This is never a good way to start a conversation when you’re in the ministry. Growing up a pastor’s kid and being a pastor’s wife for so many years, phone calls immediately gave me anxiety. They continue to make my heart stop a beat, to this day. A respected friend tagged it “PTMSD” Post Traumatic Ministry Stress Disorder. Many of you who are reading this can relate to this…

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