Ways to Get Involved

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With your financial contributions, and our care and counseling programs, we can give pastoral families the vitality and resilience they need to remain healthy and effective for a lifetime of ministry! Together, we can truly turn back the tidal wave of pastoral families leaving the ministry and affect the growth of churches in a positive, definitive way by supporting pastoral families. Thank you for investing in God’s Kingdom by providing care for pastors!


Sponsor a Pastors’ AllyHands of a family coming around each other to support one another

Pastors give support, and they need support too! So we created a program called The Pastor’s Ally to give them the system of support they need to fulfill their role in God’s Church. However, many pastors are serving in small congregations or shepherding bi-vocationally, and they cannot afford a program of care to help them stay the course of ministry. This is where you come in! You can be an Ally by sponsoring a pastor and provide the support they need. Together, we can uphold God’s leaders, ignite healthy church growth and change the world!


Gideon’s ArmyGideon's Army logo

The unsettling reality of hundreds of pastoral families walking away or being forced out of ministry every month has led us to form a group of allies dedicated to supporting the cause of caring for pastors. As a part of Gideon’s Army, you provide the ongoing platform of support needed to ensure that pastors and their families will remain healthy and effective for a lifetime of ministry. Support pastoral families, strengthen The Church, and see the world won to Christ!


Added Giving OpportunitiesHeart in hand

We believe that pastors and their families deserve the best care for a lifetime of ministry, and our Added Giving Opportunities provide a wonderful avenue to make this possible. Through our Added Giving Opportunities program, whenever you use any of our affiliate services, a portion of your purchase/subscription will go back to support this ministry. The best part is that there is no extra cost to you and no ongoing commitment necessary.