Every marriage faces challenges, and ministry can add to the challenges a marriage can face.

Where does a pastor turn when he needs help with his marriage? Where can a pastor’s spouse find a safe place to talk, without fear of judgment or condemnation? Where can pastors find a safe environment to facilitate healing, health, and hope for their marriage? At Care for Pastors, we understand that even pastors and their spouses can struggle in their marriage, and we are here to help.

Pastor, your marriage is the single most important relationship you have and it is worthy of your attention and intentionality. Your relationship with your spouse will either build or undermine your ministry. Don’t wait until you hit a wall to do something about your marriage. Our trained pastoral counselors are prepared to help you and your spouse grow through this challenging time.

Care for Pastors offers an on-site marriage counseling program that has helped dozens of pastors move from surviving to thriving in their marriage and in their ministry. Whether you are a pastor or the spouse of a pastor, if your marriage needs some focused attention or some serious restoration, you have an Ally with us!