The Confidante for Pastors’ WivesConfidante-main

There are many challenges a woman will face in this life, and ministry can add to those challenges. To rise up and conquer these challenges, we believe every pastor’s wife needs a confidante. Someone they can confide in with the utmost sense of trust and confidence. Someone who will listen more than talk, suggest more than direct, and come alongside more than try to lead them.

The Confidante is a program of care crafted specifically to provide pastors’ wives the supportive relationship they need to be who God called them to be.

The Confidante’s Vision:

To be the safest place for pastors’ wives where they can be themselves and have a Confidante that can help them deal with the challenges of ministry. This will enable them to be the helpmate God intended them to be. It is our goal to help in the following specific areas that pastors’ wives deal with:

  • Expectations
  • Balance
  • Loneliness
  • Identity

We are meeting those needs through the following local events such as brunches, sleepovers, spa nights, and retreats

The heart of this initiative is relational support every woman needs, and every pastor’s wife deserves!


Facebook Group (secured)facebook-frontpg

A secured Facebook Group provides a great platform for pastors’ wives internationally to get acquainted, give insights, share stories, request prayer, and more. It also allows The Confidante Staff to engage, equip and encourage pastors’ wives quickly, and on a regular basis.

The page is secure to protect the environment of the group, and you must request an invitation to the group and be approved to join. The approval is mostly a purposed effort to avoid SPAM intrusions and intentional negativity. It only takes a few moments to request the invitation, and soon you will be engaging with pastors’ wives just like you from all over the country!


Blogs for Pastors’ Wivesblogs-computer

Life is a journey…toward heaven. For now, we are living in the aftermath of The Fall that took place thousands of years ago in the Garden of Eden. Our calling is to help those who are living the life of a pastor’s wife. Blogging to pastors’ wives is a privilege, and a task we take seriously. Our hope is to provide you with inspiration to follow Christ, insights to fulfill your role, information that is practical, and boosts of encouragement to propel you down the path of ministry.

Read. Grow. Share. Persevere.


Events for Pastors’ WivesPastors' wives talking to each other

Caring for pastors’ wives absolutely must include events! So we add events for pastors’ wives like brunches, sleepovers, spa nights, and more. Check out the events page for more details on events coming up so you can be certain not to miss out on specially planned gatherings just for pastors’ wives!


"Having a safe place to be myself, vent my fears and frustrations, is more meaningful than I can express."

− Jenny, Pastor’s Wife, Florida

"Finding one source that supports both my husband and myself, as a couple and as a ministry team, is amazing!"

− Amber, Pastor’s Wife, Tennessee

"I can confidently say my husband and I would not have remained in the ministry had he not found an Ally and had I not found a Confidante. Thank you, Care for Pastors!"

− Patricia, Pastor’s Wife, Georgia