Pastor, you are engaged in a high-touch occupation.

You provide members of your congregation and community a system of support and counsel in the midst of a variety of struggles pertaining to people’s lives. When you come alongside a family who is wrestling with the anguish of losing a child, or a couple endeavoring to make their marriage work, or a congregant battling to survive his business’ recent financial collapse, or a church member losing their health, or the like, you give of yourself.

When you empathize with your church members, you give emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You invest thoughts, feelings, touch, and knowledge, all within a Biblical framework to help people cope with the heartaches and tragedies of life. Shepherding a church can be draining.

In addition to providing compassionate care and empathy, we understand the added stresses of church administration, staff oversight, family life, council meetings, denominational expectations, weddings, and funerals, etc. and when added together it is easy to see how exhausting your life can be. In fact, you, like many pastors, may be suffering from a condition without the ability to recognize it: empathy fatigue.

A pastor suffering from empathy fatigue will be ineffective and inefficient, struggle with decision-making, and perhaps even avoid responsibilities. When a pastor suffers from empathy fatigue, his family and his church will also suffer.

Empathy Fatigue is a true condition of depletion that requires treatment.

Care for Pastors knows how to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of empathy fatigue, discern its root causes, replenish the emptiness, and put a plan in place to avert future struggle. This program is custom made to help you rejuvenate!

Pastor, if any of this describes you, you need help, and we are glad to walk with you through this season of your life.

If your spouse is a pastor, and this information seems to fit with their struggle, please reach out to us so we can reach out to him/her. Often, it is the selfless act of a loving spouse reaching out to us that begins the healing process for their mate.

If you are a church leader or member, and you sense your pastor could be suffering from empathy fatigue, please act to get him/her the help needed to heal from this condition.