Vitality is the state of being strong, energized and active. It is a critical component for health and effectiveness in ministry.

Resilience is the ability to flex and bounce back from the stressors and difficulties of life. Since ministry has additional unique challenges and stressors, pastors must build resilience into their character toolbox to stay the course.

Vitality and resilience are by-products of healthy, supportive relationships that promote spiritual and emotional health. Every person on the planet needs relational support, including pastors; however, these relationships are few and far between for pastors!

Without these life-giving, energizing, resilience-building relationships, hundreds of pastors every month are walking away from the ministry. To turn back this tidal wave of loss, CfP is committed to providing pastors with Allies who will meet their need for relational support to increase their effectiveness and longevity in the ministry.

"The relationship I have gained from this program has been a sheltering tree and a source of true encouragement."

− Pastor Dean, Michigan

"The effect this program has had on my family life has been incredible! And it spills out into my ministry daily."

− Pastor Carl, South Carolina

"This is not just a program, it is a relationship, and I have never been closer to God or stronger in ministry than I am now as a result of the Pastor’s Ally."

− Pastor Benny, Ohio

In the Pastor’s Ally Program, pastors receive:

  • A safe place to process the circumstances of life and ministry
  • A source of true Christian fellowship
  • Words of insight and not judgment
  • A pastoral perspective on both personal and professional matters
  • And a respected voice of encouragement and accountability

Pastors in this program enter into a relationship with a God-called, seasoned, gifted, healthy pastor who will connect with him once a month (at minimum) for a time of inquiry, listening, shared insights and prayer. Each conversation is guided by a series of thought-provoking questions meant to guide the pastor into a time of contemplation and self-examination. This pause is necessary to ensure every pastor has a safe outlet to process the issues of life and ministry that will increase vitality, build resilience and ensure longevity in the pastorate.